2016 Caring Award Winners

Awardee Profile

  • 16ALovejoy

    John Lovejoy, MD

    Adult Caring Award Winner

    Rebuilding Bodies and Lives

    Milot, Haiti

    Year: 2016

    I encourage them to give back to their communities and help those who cannot afford their care.

    John Lovejoy, MD

    CRUDEM Foundation

    Around Christmas time, Dr. Lovejoy used to send a special bill to patients in financial straits. It read "Merry Christmas. Paid in Full." And while the patients' pockets were empty, the young orthopedic surgeon's heart was full of concern for those in need. For 41 years, he has gone to the Caribbean island of Grenada to upgrade medical equipment, build an arthroscopic system, and arrange for local surgeons to get training in the U.S. He also provided medical care in Haiti, and the poverty-stricken nation needed him even more after an earthquake in 2010. Within five days, Lovejoy and his medical team were in Haiti, performing hundreds of surgeries each week. Many of them were amputations because there were no certified prosthetists in the country. So he funded and built a state-of-the art prosthetic lab and then shipped it to Haiti. He has also convinced over 500 orthopedic surgeons to join his medical missions, mentor Haitian surgeons, or just leave their mark at home. "I encourage them to give back to their communities," he says, "and help those who cannot afford their care."