2016 Caring Award Winners

Awardee Profile

  • 16YMujkanovic

    Kenan Mujkanovic

    Young Adult Caring Award Winner

    Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States

    Year: 2016

    Age: 18

    Change comes through action, I aim to be that action and motivate others as well.

    Kenan Mujkanovic

    Kenan has a vision of a world without violence or need. He knows something about both because he's the son of Bosnian immigrants who fled the 1995 massacre that claimed nearly 9,000 lives. Their ordeal inspired him to start the Young Visionaries Foundation to assist the needy in Bowling Green and beyond. On Thanksgiving, he gave away 300 turkeys and on Christmas, he bought hundreds of books for low-income youth. He has shown his leadership skills by providing 1,000 meals to the homeless in four cities and organizing a march to mark the 20th anniversary of the genocide that drove his parents here. Looking ahead, he has faith he can do even more to stem poverty and violence. "Change comes through action," he says. "I aim to be that action and motivate others as well."