Our Programs

The Caring Institute sponsors a number of programs to inspire and reward acts of caring.


Caring Awards

The annual Caring Awards exist to promote and reward acts of caring and humanitarian service around the country and internationally. Throughout the year, we receive nominations for our adult and young adult categories, and we interview these outstanding individuals to learn about their achievements. We honor five adult winners and five young adult winners with a VIP ceremony and gala, a crystal statue prize, and a profile in CARING magazine.

Dreams 4 Kids

The Caring Institute coordinates resources to fulfill the last wishes of kids who are terminally ill. With input from our friends in home care and hospice on what these children yearn for and the strength of your contributions throughout the year, we are able to make a few special dreams come true.

Art of Caring

Our photography contest, the Art of Caring, is directed toward America’s youth. Elementary school students submit photos that they believe capture “what caring means” – an exercise for open-mindedness, creativity, and benevolence. Finalist photos are displayed in the Caring Hall of Fame.

Internships & Scholarships

The Caring Institute awards funds for college to our young adult Caring Award winners. It is our hope that this gift will incite these bright minds to continue making a difference in the lives of others.

Our internship program gives public service minded youth the chance to interact closely with Caring Award winners and nominees. Interns get exposure to a wide spectrum of career opportunities and see government at work.

The Frederick Douglass Museum & Caring Hall of Fame

Come see how caring has long been a hallmark of humanity worldwide. The museum was the first Washington, DC, home of the famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Just minutes from the U.S. Capitol, the museum has been restored to its original nineteenth-century splendor. It contains furniture and memorabilia that evoke the life of the one-time slave and humanitarian. His spirit remains alive in the Caring Hall of Fame, featuring pictures and profiles of all the Caring Award winners. For nearly three decades, they have gazed down and inspired all who come. Visit the website for more information.